TIL – Find the git commit that deleted a file in a git repository

The below command filters commits that deleted file using diff-filter from git log git log --diff-filter=D -- deleted_file.example It takes advantage of the flag diff-filter.

How to download a file from a website link using Python script or, code snippet

How to download files using python

In this article, I’m going to demonstrate some code snippets that you can utilize to download files from the Internet using Python. Before we begin, you might be wondering why go through all the hassles of writing scripts to download files when you can simply click and download it by opening it on a browser!…

How to Check Web page for SEO Using Python

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Website SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is important for every modern website. However manually validating SEO criteria is quite cumbersome. It is possible to automate most of the SEO checks using python. In this article, I'm going to demonstrate some ideas using basic python code snippets. These scripts will work as a good starting point…

Classic 2048 Game Tips & Tricks

Classic 2048 - 4x4 Board Game

আজকে আমি ২০৪৮ গেইমের কিছু ট্রিক্স ও টিপস আপনাদের সাথে শেয়ার করবো। ৪ ক্রস ৪ বোর্ডের এই ক্লাসিক গেইমের মজার কিছু ফিচার নিয়েও আলোচনা করা হবে