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Writing software, shaping the future

Hello! I’m Wasi – A Senior Software Engineer with over 6 years of professional experience, I have been working with clients globally for the past six years and counting, wearing many hats depending on the situation to deliver fast, tangible, and quality output. I’m passionate about taking on challenging opportunities and utilizing my skills to craft solutions that add real value to businesses.

My passion for the work drives me, and I never compromise on quality for affordability. I treat all projects with love and extra care, assuming ownership and taking full responsibility for my software craftsmanship. I will go the extra mile, even if it means working more than what we initially anticipated while doing the estimation.

Expect achievable goals, frequent updates, clear communication, and high code quality & standards when working with me.

When I’m not working on projects, you’ll find me tinkering with side projects, writing articles or delving into a good book. I also enjoy solving Rubik’s cubes, Painting and digital artworks, and finding next best move on the chessboard.

What my Clients Say

Wasi provided excellent service – noticed gaps in my design requirements and delivered a perfect program with good documentation. His skills are top shelf and his communication, quick and clear.


Used his services 3 times already! always competent, fast and never complaining about revisions! Honest and professional delivery, high quality code, does exactly what I need


Jonathon Sicsic

Wasi is an exceptional developer ! He made me a complex scraping table to automate my data mining online. It is very efficient and even it has complex requirements, Wasi did exactly has he planned it. I would recommend him with strong pleasure.


Wasi is great at communicating and was very receptive to feedback. He foresaw my needs and delivered work beyond expectations despite the request being very difficult. I will definitely be working with him in the future.


I have experience and continuously use Wasi for multiple projects involving data mining, web scraping, and web apps. Wasi was very helpful in helping with me helping understand and utilize Python, using triggers, and obtaining clean data. I recommend him for the service he gives along the way as well as the quality of work that is produced.


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