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Wasi Mohammed Abdullah

Pythonista | Elixir Enthusiast | introvert

Founder of Dreamcatcher IT  

Wasi is a Software Engineer & consultant with 5+ years of professional experience. He loves to pursue challenging opportunities. He is a self-learner, enthusiast, and deeply driven software craftsman.

Wasi always “listens” carefully to the requirements, brainstorms, suggests improvements by communicating, and crafts a solution targeting the pain points that adds value to the business.

In his spare time, he writes articles, or read books, sometime you’ll find him solving Rubik’s cube over and over or scratching his head looking at a chess board, if he is not contributing to any hobby projects.

What my Clients Say

I was looking to develop a web application using python language and came across Wasi! Even though there was a slight delay, He is a man of his words! He is able to deliver without fail and I am very happy with the results! Once again, I will order from him again if I am looking to develop another web application! Thank you!


Excellent experience, he was in constant communication about the project and made sure everything was just right. Cannot more highly recommend.


I love when you go to buy a service, describe the project, and the result is EXACTLY what you expect, zero issues and a perfect result, very happy!


Jonathon Sicsic

Wasi is an exceptional developer ! He made me a complex scraping table to automate my data mining online. It is very efficient and even it has complex requirements, Wasi did exactly has he planned it. I would recommend him with strong pleasure.


Used his services 3 times already! always competent, fast and never complaining about revisions! Honest and professional delivery, high quality code, does exactly what I need


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