Three years ago, I lost one of the most precious gifts of my life… My mother (I call her ‘Ammi’)

She had an amazing personality, she was jolly. She was kind to all and never distinguished people in different types or categories. People used to be very fond of her as she treated them with kind words & hospitality.

She was brave and fought hard with cancer and, didn’t give up till the end! In 2015, when I was in my final year of Bachelors in CSE she became severely ill. We didn’t make any delay and, started her treatment right away. It was in the primary stage. My father flew to India with her and stayed there for six months for her treatment. There she got six chemotherapy in total. She was improving and even visited us in the middle of her treatment (as staying away from her children made her restless) After her visit we send her back to India for finishing her treatment. It was all went well and, was according to the course. But, suddenly things started to get worse. The doctors were very helpful they tried their best and suggested 10 radio-therapies. But, she only managed to take 2. It was unbearable for her. We used to talk every night and, she used to tell us all about it… She used to miss us a lot. 2 days before she left, I had our last conversations, she talked with me over the phone for more than 20 minutes even though she was struggling and, her words were getting messed up. She talked about many things, she was amazed by the love & care of the people & my relatives, especially she couldn’t forget those who had tear-stained faces for her. she wanted to come back to us…

Indeed, She came back 3 days later but, I never imagined…

Ammi’s resting place is the calmest and quietest place on the earth. 
All the flowers blooming around her and the way roses drop their petals on her is magical as if, it is just a piece of heaven. 

I believe the love she cherished in her heart the moment it touched the ground it enveloped the whole graveyard with the astonishing aura of her love…

I bet each & every departed soul knows it. They are indeed celebrating each & every moment with her

My Sketch of An Infinity Fading Mother With Her Baby – Dec 29, 2018

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