TIL – Find the git commit that deleted a file in a git repository

The below command filters commits that deleted file using diff-filter from git log git log --diff-filter=D -- deleted_file.example It takes advantage of the flag diff-filter.

TIL – Renaming a Git Branch

To rename a git branch locally type the following: git branch -m <new_branch_name> Example of renaming a local git branch Let's say we had a branch `patch_stikcynavbar` and we want to fix the spelling then we just type: git checkout patch_stikcynavbar git branch -m patch_stickynavbar Example of renaming a remote git branch First, we rename…

Recommended Books for Beginners to Learn Ethical Hacking

In this article, I'm attempting to raise your curiosity to learn ethical hacking so that you can get the basic idea of Computer Underground. These are hand picked and by no means a complete list of all the hacking books you need to master the art of ethical hacking:

The Term “Good Programming” – in a nutshell

Good Programming in a Nutshell

Nowadays the term Programming is becoming very popular! Specially among those who are involved in any profession related to Computer Science or, Web Development & Design. Most of them do programming more or less everyday! But, not everyone who code is a good programmer! One of the biggest reason behind this is to be a…

Classic 2048 Game Tips & Tricks

Classic 2048 - 4x4 Board Game

আজকে আমি ২০৪৮ গেইমের কিছু ট্রিক্স ও টিপস আপনাদের সাথে শেয়ার করবো। ৪ ক্রস ৪ বোর্ডের এই ক্লাসিক গেইমের মজার কিছু ফিচার নিয়েও আলোচনা করা হবে

TIL – How to extract 7z compressed file?

It's pretty simple, in ubuntu you will need a package called: p7zip-full, You can install it from apt using the following command: apt-get install p7zip-full This will enable the 7z command for you. Using that command you can extract the 7z compressed file. For example let's say you have a file my_file.7z. To extract this…